Lawrence Music: Concerts, Bands, and More Outside Indianapolis

Residents of Lawrence, Indiana might as well be residents of Indianapolis. The small town is located on the near east side of Indy, just south of Fort Harrison State Park. Lawrence is so close to Indianapolis, in fact, that it is generally considered within the Circle City‘s borders. When it comes to Lawrence arts and Lawrence music, the proximity to Indianapolis is a fantastic thing. The music scene in Lawrence doesn’t really have that many Lawrence attractions going for it. Most bands that come out of Lawrence claim to be Indianapolis bands, and most of them perform in Indianapolis bars and other Indianapolis music venues.

There are a few Lawrence businesses that focus on music, including Hands On Music, a large instrument and professional audio store, Missing Link Records, a record store, and Black Mountain Musical Enterprises, a musical wholesale shop. Most of these are located in downtown Lawrence and provide great customer service, a wide selection, and a knowledgeable staff. They are all locally owned businesses, so you can feel better about doing your Lawrence shopping there than at a big box chain or on the Internet.

Being on the east side of Indianapolis does have benefits for music lovers. Residents of Lawrence have access to the width and breadth of Indianapolis nightlife since they can take a short drive and end up among the lights and sounds of downtown Indianapolis. Lawrence music lovers are able to visit any one of the six Indianapolis cultural districts and find some great, cutting edge music going on at the bars and Indianapolis theaters there. Indy is home to some classic music venues, like the Vogue Nightclub, the Emerson Theater, and the Murat Centre, in addition to a slew of smaller, music oriented bars like Birdy’s Bar & Grill, the Chatterbox Jazz Club, and Radio Radio. Residents and visitors to Lawrence can take advantage of the vibrant and growing Indianapolis music scene any time they like.

Video of The Black Keys performing at The Vogue Theater in Indianapolis; Lawrence, Indiana is near Indianapolis


Though Lawrence, Indiana doesn’t really have a vibrant music scene of its own, it certainly has its fair share of music lovers. There are a few music-oriented Lawrence businesses in town, and Lawrence bars occasionally feature live music by bands in the United States and around the region. However, Lawrence music lovers can visit Indianapolis at any time to find some great bands, records, and shows.